May 28, 2011

The engine build begins

Today I went over to James workshop to perform an autopsy on the old engine. Randall was there doing the same to his engine. So today was engine dis-assembly day. Found that the reason the engine broke down was because the brass gear on the distributor shaft was striped. Case and heads look good. Now that it is all apart I will be sending it off to get bored for 90.5 pistons and cylinders. I am going to build a 1776 for "Maggiolino Basso". I don't want to get too crazy on the engine size. I want to build a reliable engine that can cope with this Texas heat. It was 112 F today! Randall picked up a used 2332 engine that was on a sandrail. He got a really good deal. We dis-assembled that engine as well to make sure everything was serviceable. Here are a few pics of the action :)

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