Dec 31, 2009

Happy New Years

I am sorry I have been dragging my lazy ass during the holidays. Should be back on track in the new year.
Happy New Years to all and hope 2010 is full of peace and happy times for everyone...........

Nov 10, 2009

Front wheelhouse welded in........& New Wheels arrived...

Got the front wheelhouse welded in and applied "Icing" finishing I have to sand and prep for paint........

I also received my Flat 4 Enkeis in the post today.......they look better than I expected...

Nov 3, 2009

Heater Channel In

Had a break from the World Series tonight and decided to work on the car. I unbolted and lifted the body to facilitate Heater Channel installation. Had to perform minimum trimming for it to fit properly. 

  Once I installed it I sanded and primed it to protect it until I get the car in the spray booth. After the World Series on Wednesday I will finish welding the Heater Channel and the front wheel housing in.

Nov 1, 2009

Rear Wheel House Installed

I welded the new rear wheelhouse in today. I am not going for trailer queen status here. This car is a daily driver...........

Oct 31, 2009

Ryans "New" Fastback....

My buddy Ryan came over today to show me his "new" fastback. This fasty is solid and sweet....

Oct 24, 2009

Floorpan is in!

Finally had an opportunitty to work on the car today. Got the floorpan and seat track welded in. Will hopefully install heater channel tommorow. Once I install heater channel I will begin work on both the back and front wheelhouses.

Oct 10, 2009

Heater Channel is out

I worked on the car a few hours today. I finally removed the crusty heater channel. I will have to wait until my new AFT and FWD wheel house sheetmetal arrives in the mail. Once I weld in the new sheetmetal then I will begin welding in the heater channel and floor pan. As you can see the pile of rust on the ground keeps growing by the day.

Oct 8, 2009

Finally had a chance to work on the ride

Today I worked on bracing the body (door opening) removing the door, cut out rusted back half of floorpan and started cutting out the heater channel. I only was able to work on the car for about 4 hours today due to work and studies. Will continue removal of heater channel tommorow. Here are some pics.

Oct 2, 2009

Oktoberfest Texas!!!

Going with some friends to enjoy Oktoberfest in Fredericksburg, Texas so don't expect much progress on the car this weekend :)

Sep 26, 2009

A little surprise

Took fenders off in preparation for heater channel surgery. When I removed the rear fender I discovered a rust hole where one of the fender bolts attaches. As you can see by the pics I have some serious rust. I got all the rust off and discovered that there was some sort of foam insulation inside the panel. I cleaned it all out as much as I could. Now I will have to order more sheetmetal. I guess thats how it goes somethimes....especially in this game :)

Sep 23, 2009

Quick update

Worked on the car this past weekend. Removed carpeting, and wire brushed interior to better see what I have to deal with. As a result I have ordered the Danish sheetmetal from OE VeeDub. I will be updating blog as much as possible. I have a very busy schedule so I will probably limit my work until the weekends.Here are a few more pics..........

Sep 7, 2009

So it begins................

I have commenced taking the car apart to restore the floorpan. At this time it looks like I need to replace back half of RT side floorpan and both forward portions of the LT/RT side heater channels. The LT side looks solid. Just needs a good cleanup and treatment with rust inhibitor. Not sure at this moment if I will perform repairs with the body on or off. I will post pictures as I go along. Here are the first set.

Aug 16, 2009

What did I do today?

I replaced my passenger door window lift channel which was severely corroded with a new one. I also replaced my broken drivers door vent window lock. Both where top quality from Wolfsburg West. Sorry no pics this time. Camera was dead....

Aug 8, 2009

Italian Turn Signals

Just found these in my garage when I was cleaning today. It seems that they where produced for the Italian market. I got them a few years ago in Pordenone Italy.

Aug 6, 2009

The Italian Drop.............
The Boys in Italy keeping busy on their "Spaghetti Rides"....

Jul 26, 2009

The Ride Has Arrived!!!

Wow...its been a couple of months since I have seen my ride....The car made it to Houston Texas last week. It was delivered to VWOA receiving port. When I arrived it was surrounded by all the flashy 2009-2010 VW's, Audis, and Porsches...... How Ironic is that???
Unfortunately my tool set that was behind the rear seat was stolen on the way here. My car battery was also swapped for a POS battery that could not be jump started or charged. Once I installed a new battery I was good to go and drove to San Antonio Texas where I spent the night.
The next day I took the ride to the Buggy Warehouse in San Antonio to buy some stuff to help the bug deal with this Texas heat. Once I got that done I began my drive to Abilene. About 47 miles into the drive my front passenger side tire burst. Luckily I was only driving about 60 MPH so I did not loose control. You guessed it there where sparks flying everywhere as my beam was destroyed. Lucklily It was only around 4:30PM so I was able to call several tire shops to see if they had Continental 145/65-15 tires. You guessed one had the tire I needed so I contacted U-Haul to rent a truck and a trailer to get the car home. I finally made it home about 1:30 AM. Boy was it nice to be home!!!! I only took a few pictures which I have posted.

Jun 17, 2009

Welcome to Texas

Just made it in to Texas.....boy is it hot and its only gonna get hotter.

Jun 14, 2009

Bug is on the Boat!!

Finally shipped the bug to Texas. Hopefully all goes well and it will arrive in around 8 weeks.

May 24, 2009

Third Ear Syndrome in Europe!

Third Ear Syndrome is Available for bookings in MADRID and ITALY from May 27th to July 24th . . . for bookings contact:

Feb 13, 2009


After 7 great years in Italy I am moving to Texas. Looking forward to moving back to the U.S. and meeting new aircooled friends.