Dec 2, 2008

Modified Sprints from Vintage Warehouse

Greg at recently modified his South African Sprints. He replaced the rear 4 1/2" hoops with 6" hoops. Then he sent the whole set off for chrome.Now I know what I will be doing to my rims. What a difference...
Before & After:

Nov 20, 2008

VWOA Strikes Again!

I am sorry but I had to pull the plug on my Zazzle Web-Store. Apparently VWOA legal department has a problem with anyone selling any apparel with a likeness of a VW beetle. They consider my T-shirt designs as a violation of the intellectual property rights of Volkswagen.

Nov 14, 2008

Slow Low

Love this picture of "Slow Low" this car looks ACE.

Nov 2, 2008


I spotted this Type 2 in The Barcelona Panscrapers forum

The sort of craftsmanship that is evident in this project can only be the work of a true welder/machinist. I would love to see this project in person. If the pictures are anything to go by, I am sure this will be a killer ride when finished.

Aug 30, 2008 summertour 2008!

Erwin is a chap from the Netherlands who just got finished with his Aircooled summer tour in Czech and Slovenia. He has some awesome pictures posted on his website . Here I have posted one of my favorites.

Aug 22, 2008

TID & Camber Wheels Gang in Menton 2008

Just like the title says The Italian Drop & Camber Wheels Gang in Menton 2008. Great rides, great video...

Aug 12, 2008

My ride

VEHICLE: UK Spec 1966 RHD Type 1

PAINT: OG Savannah Beige

ENGINE: 1600 D.P. with dual Kadron carb kit, A.J. Sims Scat linkage, Bosch 12V/75 Amp alternator, Pertronix Billet Flamethrower Distributor, Competition Engineering billet pulley’s. C.B. Performance Merged Header.

GEARBOX: Freeway Flyer by Pete at the Gogbox in London U.K.

FRONT SUSPENSION: Adjustable B.J. Beam (narrowed 4”),

C.B. Performance dropped spindles.

BRAKES: C.B. Performance Wide 5/disc brake kit.

RUBBER/WHEELS: Continental Smart Car 145/55-15 tires in the front, Hankook 165 R-15’s in the back. South African Sprintstars.

INTERIOR: O.G. black vinyl