Oct 31, 2009

Ryans "New" Fastback....

My buddy Ryan came over today to show me his "new" fastback. This fasty is solid and sweet....

Oct 24, 2009

Floorpan is in!

Finally had an opportunitty to work on the car today. Got the floorpan and seat track welded in. Will hopefully install heater channel tommorow. Once I install heater channel I will begin work on both the back and front wheelhouses.

Oct 10, 2009

Heater Channel is out

I worked on the car a few hours today. I finally removed the crusty heater channel. I will have to wait until my new AFT and FWD wheel house sheetmetal arrives in the mail. Once I weld in the new sheetmetal then I will begin welding in the heater channel and floor pan. As you can see the pile of rust on the ground keeps growing by the day.

Oct 8, 2009

Finally had a chance to work on the ride

Today I worked on bracing the body (door opening) removing the door, cut out rusted back half of floorpan and started cutting out the heater channel. I only was able to work on the car for about 4 hours today due to work and studies. Will continue removal of heater channel tommorow. Here are some pics.

Oct 2, 2009

Oktoberfest Texas!!!

Going with some friends to enjoy Oktoberfest in Fredericksburg, Texas so don't expect much progress on the car this weekend :)