Dec 18, 2010

Having fun at D.A.'s Body Shop

Chuck having fun prepping the 1967 Mustang for a new rear quarter panel
Dan's Bug waiting for some body work before hitting the paint booth
Freshly painted door for Jeff's Typ 181 Thing
Freshly painted fender for Jeff's Typ 181 Thing  

Nov 13, 2010

New VW PT Cruiser....I mean Beetle......

Spy shots of re-designed new VW beetle......sorry guys I think it looks like a Chrysler PT Cruiser......Why doesn't VW realize that they have it wrong and design a beetle closer to its roots visually? Dodge has proven this theory is possible by designing and marketing the Dodge Challenger which looks almost identical to the '70's Icon. If VW designed, and marketed a VW beetle closer to the original pre'70's design I am sure they would have a hit on their hands.

Oct 11, 2010

Customers roof rack is complete

I hand fabricated a roof rack based on the classic design. Rack is made from 0.065" wall tubing and TIG welded. Wood slats are made of Oak. I offer these racks in steel, and stainless. I have another design I am working on and will post pictures as soon as I have it done.
As per customers request I have painted this rack in black.