Mar 14, 2010

Spring is here....

I have been very busy with my studies and work so I haven't posted any updates in a while. After 5 months of body work I decided its time to get the car back on the road so I can enjoy the summer season. I mounted my new tires and rims. The tires I originally mounted in the front where 165/45-15s. Unfortunately the roads around here  are in disrepair so the car was too low for comfort. I used the car 1 day before deciding to swap front tires to 145s instead. I will begin this post by showing you a few pics of the car the way it was sitting with the 165/45-15s.

Here is the car with 145s out front and 205/65-15s out back sitting in front of Big Rons VW Shop in Abilene Texas.

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